Gold Star Network (GSN) started building our capacity for us through education. We have had a lot of CMEs which has helped a lot in updating our knowledge in management of HIV and other diseases.

Secondly, they have helped us in the supply of ARVs. Previously I used to see patients and send them to PGH because many of our patients could not afford to pay. The few who could afford, many of them could not sustain. They have assisted us with their laboratory… they have helped us to get test kits and the cost has come down. We used to charge Kshs. 1,800 for the HIV test but nowadays we charge just 200 shillings.

We have been introduced to KEMRI where we send out viral load, but this has been a challenge [because of delayed results].  We have 42 patients so far and our ideal capacity is about 40 . . . We are having very few new cases nowadays.

The problem is that people who have been trained leave because they are here on locum, waiting to go for studies or to go to government. New ones are trained on the job.

. . . The ministry knows us now. Before, we seemed to be neglected . . .  they would call only people from the government facilities for training and forget the private sector.

They know us now. They supply us with commodities and they are monitoring what we are doing.

Support supervision is very beneficial. When you are not under supervision, you rarely keep records, but under supervision, the records have to be kept well. This is good for us too.”  

Dr. Simon N. Warui is a General Practitioner and is based at St. Elizabeth Medical Centre, Nakuru.

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