What is Speak Up?

Goldstar Kenya is committed to creating and maintaining high standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct across all of our projects. Goldstar Kenya expects all of its employees, consultants and contractors who have been engaged to provide services to Goldstar Kenya, to act with honesty and integrity in maintaining these high standards.

Goldstar Kenya truly values the help of employees who identify and Speak Up about potential concerns that need to be addressed. Speaking up is encouraged and employees who Speak Up are protected. You will NOT suffer for any repurcusion for raising concerns in good faith about suspected misconduct, and we do not tolerate any form of retaliation against you for Speaking Up. After all: speaking up is essential for us to sustain our reputation, success and ability to operate – both now and in the future

Read Goldstar Kenya's Speak Up policy

Why speak up?

When you speak up, you are putting our Code of Conduct into practice and Goldstar Kenya will investigate promptly and provide you with support and protection under this policy if:

    I. You had reasonable grounds to believe that the information you reported was true at the time of reporting.
    II. The information refers to suspected unlawful, unethical or otherwise improper conduct.
    III. You reported the information using one of the reporting channels of Goldstar