Through Gold Star Network, Gold Star Kenya has demonstrated that the private sector can provide comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment to complement the public sector.

GSN has continued to support over 250 individual and corporate members to offer integrated health services in six regions of Kenya — Central, Coast, Nairobi, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western. Members include doctors, clinical officers, nurses, clinics, private and faith-based health centers and hospitals.

Below are some of the key achievements of the network:

  • All GSN members have benefitted from diverse trainings to enable them provide up-to-date comprehensive HIV services from HIV testing to antiretroviral treatment using the latest national guidelines.
  • Members are linked to the public sector and access safe and affordable HIV commodities, including test kits, ARVs and drugs for opportunistic infections.
  • Recording and reporting of patient data has improved. All members linked to access reporting tools aligned to the national Health Information and Records System. Ministry of Health-approved electronic medical records (EMR) systems have been installed in 26 health facilities that serve most patients. These facilities can upload their data directly into the national data system.
  • All members have been linked  to quality laboratory hubs for CD4, viral load and other tests to monitor treatment of patients.
  • Members have been trained in TB/HIV integration and utilization of GeneXpert technology for diagnosis of TB and detection of drug-resistant TB.
  • Members have benefitted from targeted continuous professional development sessions to provide knowledge and skill updates.
  • Members benefit from mentorship and support supervision by joint MOH-Gold Star Kenya technical teams to ensure delivery of interventions adhering to standards.
  • Over 445,000 individuals received HIV testing services from providers supported by GSN between 2011 and 2015.
  • By the end of 2015, over 5,500 patients were receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART) from providers in the GSN program. An average of 550 patients are initiated on ART every quarter.
  • GSN members provide quality PMTCT services that included ART for HIV positive pregnant women, ART and provision of care after delivery to protect babies from HIV infection.
  • GSN providers routinely offer TB screening, prevention and management for people living with HIV.