Overall Goal

Create demand, and improve access and uptake of Maternal Newborn, and child health services.



Deaths resulting from complications during pregnancy or childbearing remain notably high in Kenya. Maternal and infant mortality causes can be  attributed to:

  1. Low baseline ANC visits 1 and 4-which the county continues to struggle with.
  2. Poor skilled birth attendance and immunization coverage which is mainly attributed to disparities in services within HFs and inconsistent ANC attendance.
  3. Poor infrastructure and human resource
  4. Poor access to health services and cultural diversities across the county.
  5. Insecurity –key impediment to implementation across the county.


Our interventions

Our approaches seek to, strengthen health systems and deliver integrated, high-impact services to women, newborns, adolescents, and youth and aim to;


  • Have increased Access & Demand for Quality Family Planning, Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child, and Adolescent Health.
  • Increase the use of quality country-led health and social services.
  • To increase demand for MNCH services through various demand creation interventions in the community such as CHVs HH mapping and identification of pregnant mothers, peer-to-peer referrals, individualized follow-ups, and community dialogue days.
  • To improve access to maternal and child health services in remote and underserved populations to increase immunization coverage by supporting integrated outreaches.
  • Support infrastructural development.
  • Advocacy and Policy Impact by engaging the CHMT/SCHMT, conducting joint supportive supervision both in the communities and counties.
  • To positively impact Health using digital technological innovations for timely, effective, and enhanced