Dr Nyawira Gitahi
Board Member

Dr. Nyawira Gitahi possesses more than 15 years of experience in HIV program management and HIV research working with academia, government, and NGOs. Prior to joining Gold Star Kenya, she served as an Infectious disease advisor at Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK); Africa, and developing countries. She played a critical role in the evaluation, resource mobilization, and establishment of East African Public health laboratories as regional hubs for antibiotic resistance surveillance. She was also a key participant in the National Antimicrobial Policy Technical Working Group and co-author of the national surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance Policy Document. As key antimicrobial resistance focal person within Africa she engaged various cadres of health care workers and policy makers within the continent through different fora. Her work has resulted to extensive engagement and networking with supranational organization such as, GAVI, Global Fund, CDC among others. Dr. Nyawira Gitahi has also provided leadership within a PEPFAR-CDC funded grants for over five years at the Technical Advisor in health systems strengthening, establishing quality and efficient models of provision of health services primarily with regard to integration of prevention of mother to child HIV transmission and mother and neonatal child health services. Dr. Nyawira Gitahi is extremely passionate in universal health provision and brings valuable multifaceted technical knowledge, research experience, negotiation and leadership skills to the Gold Star Kenya family health programs. She has authored several peer reviewed publications and participated at various international and local conferences. She has also been a key speaker at numerous conferences including the Global antimicrobial resistance partnership conference and the International AIDS Society Conference. She qualified as a Medical Doctor (M.D) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya and completed a Master’s in Public health in Epidemiology from the Moi University, Kenya. She holds a PhD. in International Health.