Gold Star Network (GSN)

The Gold Star Network (GSN) is a growing social franchise among 243 private health care providers. The network was designed to promote a package of high quality, high impact intervention through improved capacity of targeted private providers. It is a franchise of licensed General Practitioners (GPs), specialist, clinical Officers (Cos) and Nurses who have pre-existing clinics and serve populations that can afford to pay for care and treatment services. Aside from that, we provide solutions for a critical population of people living with HIV/AIDS and are seeking alternative cost effective yet quality care & treatment services.

This progressive franchise is also made up of stand-alone medical out-patient clinics, workplaces, hospitals, pharmacies and a network of quality assured laboratories.

Having been established in a partnership between FHI360 and Kenya Medical Association as a public private partnership in 2006, its operations transferred to Gold Star Kenya, an affiliate of FHI360 by the end of 2011. Its professional members are well trained to offer high quality integrated health care services specifically, scaling up.

  1. Care and Treatment, Counseling and Testing and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission in private health facilities.
  2. Expanding access to HIV&AIDS; care and treatment services including ART and TB.
  3. Increasing access and utilization of STI/RH/FP/MCH and malaria treatment and control services for private providers.
  4. Strengthening use of laboratory services as well as counselling support

Our quality assurance program is institutionalized in the private health facilities to improve and strengthen the health systems in partnership with the public sector through the ministry of health.

We provide high quality, high impact interventions through the franchisees and advocate for use of nationally determined standards and guidelines on prevention, care, treatment and support for HIV/TB/RH/FP, malaria and maternal, neonatal and child health related issues.

GSN offers members and their clients' access to medications including ARVs, laboratory testing and results in a timely manner, while ensuring client confidentiality and provider capacity building through ongoing continuous medical education, long term training and mentorship.

Social franchising provides an opportunity to mobilize the private sector to provide consistent standards of care at affordable prices. GSN has been able to demonstrate that the private sector can be constructively engaged to meet healthcare needs and supplement the public sector. GSN in partnership with other social franchise networks in health is expanding its model for the delivery of integrated HIV prevention, care and treatment.