Current Projects and Activities

Gold Star Network (GSN)

The Gold Star Network is a growing social franchise among over 250 private health providers, Operating from Nairobi with regional presence in Nairobi, Central, Coast and Rift Valley. Gold Star Kenya in collaboration with FHI360 Kenya provides technical and operational support to the GSN members to offer high quality health care. Through the implementation of high impact interventions using nationally determined standards of prevention, care, treatment and support for HIV and TB, GSN undertakes quality improvement and strengthening of health systems in the private sector in partnership with the public sector.

This allows GSN to offer members and their clients’ access to medications like ARVs, laboratory testing and results in a timely manner, while ensuring client confidentiality and provider capacity building through ongoing education and training for HIV/TB/RH/FP, Malaria and Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health related issues. GSN in partnership with other social franchise networks in health is expanding its model for the delivery of integrated HIV prevention, care, treatment and support to additional private care providers.

APHIAplus Nuru ya Bonde

Focusing on 14 counties in the Rift Valley region, the project strives to support the country’s ability to improve the lives of mothers, children and their families in the areas of HIV/AIDS, malaria, family planning, reproductive health, and tuberculosis with quality health preventive and care services, contributing to the APHIAplus Projects strategic objectives and output targets.

APHIAplus Project is managed by FHI360 and GoldStar Kenya is a local strategic partner engaged to provide technical assistance to 89 health facilities in the private sector, selected worksites and populations groups and other partners in the counties to ensure linkages, coordination and a comprehensive approach that is in line with MOH program strategies and the USAID Health Sector Implementation Framework, 2010-2014.

GoldStar Kenya is mandated to support improved service delivery for preventive, care, treatment and support interventions in three areas under APHIAplus Nuru ya Bonde Project:

  1. Gold Star Network, supporting 89 networked private health facilities to offer comprehensive and integrated HIV/TB prevention, care, treatment and support services
  2. MARPs programs through managing community-based serviced drop in centres along transport routes, targeting CSWs and transport sector workers and their clients. Peer education, health care delivery and RH/FP education are key elements of the high impact combination prevention interventions.
  3. Workplace programs, engaging management and workers to support workers at risk of or living with HIV. This includes peer education, treatment support and RH/FP education and referrals for clinical services.


APHIAplus Health Communication and Marketing (HCM)

The APHIAplus HCM Project consortium, managed by Population Services International (PSI) is a national program which started in mid-2012 in which GoldStar Kenya is a strategic partner engaged to provide integration of quality HIV and TB high impact interventions into the collaborating health social franchise networks across Kenya through private practitioners under Tunza and K-Met networks and these networks will support the integration of FP/RH high impact interventions into existing GSN facilities.