Who is Gold Star Kenya?

Gold Star Kenya (GSK) was established in 2010 as a local Non-Governmental Organization; GSK was born out of the success of the Gold Star Network, a social franchise program initiative established in 2006 to promote comprehensive quality HIV care amongst a network of private health providers in Kenya. GSK implements health related projects in Kenya.

As GS Kenya is set to grow, it has partnered with other projects across Kenya in the health care fields that are contributing towards achieving the MDGs and Kenya’s Vision 2030 in HIV prevention, integrated management and control. Through the social franchising model and private public partnership, GS Kenya has opened new paths for empowering communities, worksites and healthcare providers to offer and sustain integrated prevention, care, treatment and support services in the fight against HIV and TB in Kenya. Using the same service delivery model, GS Kenya is also contributing to improve maternal, neonatal, child health, malaria management, family planning and reproductive health services as well as addressing the growing burden of non-communicable diseases.